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Rockland Farmers’ Market COVID-19 Response Plan: updated May, 2021


The Rockland Farmers’ Market takes its role in the community seriously, and has implemented measures to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus in order to protect the general public, our vendors, and our customers. These measures will remain in effect for the duration of this public health emergency. 


To continue to operate safely, we have pared back our market, from a community gathering space to an efficient shopping experience. 


We are following the rules and recommendations of the federal and local authorities. In accordance with the latest regulation changes by the Maine CDC, the market requests community members to self-regulate and mask up if they are unvaccinated. Many of our vendors have chosen to continue to wear masks for their self protection as people who are in frequent close contact with the public. 


Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, it is possible changes will be made to this protocol. These changes would be made as required to meet the guidance/mandates of federal, state, and/or local authorities. Every vendor is individually responsible for keeping updated on the most current version of this protocol and will be notified of updates to this plan as they happen.


Healthy people make a healthy market:

  • Vendors, staff and customers, if you are sick, or feel unwell stay home: 

    1. Vendors/staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who have symptoms should notify a market officer and stay home until they feel better and/or receive a negative test.

    2. Vendors/staff who are not sick but who have a household member at home with COVID-19, or symptoms of COVID-19 should follow CDC recommended precautions.

    3. Customers who are sick or know to have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 should reach out to friends to shop for them or call/email vendors about pre-order/delivery options. 


Measures to be taken by the market as a whole:

  • Work with local authorities to ensure that we are operating the market as safely as possible.

  • Space vendors a minimum of 6ft apart.

  • Beverages sold by the cup will be sold as “to-go” items 

  • All prepared foods must be packaged as “to-go” items

  • Eliminate entertainment such as musical performances, demonstrations, etc.

  • Offer hand sanitizer at the info booth for customers


Measures to be taken by each vendor: 

  • Do not come to market if you tested positive for COVID-19, have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to anyone with symptoms of illness, or if you are otherwise ill. 

  • Arrange your booth and checkout procedure so that staff and customers can move around freely and to minimize crowding .

  • Keep people moving by encouraging quick transactions

  • It’s at the vendor’s discretion to allow customer handling of merchandise or sampling. 

  • Vendors will bring a hand washing station to market or an ample supply of hand sanitizer for use by yourself and your employees.

  • Wash and/or sanitize your hands frequently.

  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces regularly.

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